Tuesday, 3 February 2009

In Loving Memory

my three friends made by daddy all by himself... i am so proud of the third one!!! mini, midi and tippex... will i see you again?

Monday, 2 February 2009

Let It Snow!

oh yes it did. i had lots of fun making three... yes THREE snowmen with daddy. first one was on our terrace which was tiny... about knee (mine) high. next one was in the playground which was just a wee bit shorter than me... and the masterpiece was just a wee bit shorter than daddy! and it was sooo cute! mummy named it tippex. it had my button nose and high cheekbones. then all the snowballs i had with mummy, daddy and our neighbours. i couldn't ask for a better monday!

daddy and mummy didn't go to work and i stayed at home because the nursery was closed today. mummy worked all day whilst daddy and i relaxed a bit... watching our favourite shows. it was just brilliant.

i hope it will snow again next year like this. it is just so pretty and so much fun!

Sunday, 1 February 2009

28 Days

All the new years have gone by. We spent the Gregorian one in The Cotswolds which was lovely. Running away from everyone on the eve of new year is a family thing and this year was no exception. I have never seen anywhere so pretty in my life... well I am not even four so maybe I speak to prematurely. Then it was the Muslim new year... which was a normal day coz I had to go to nursery and mummy and daddy went to work. Then it was CNY and we had a reunion dinner at home with Auntie Adita, Uncle Hasli, Baby Haidan, Auntie Fay, Uncle Shah, Auntie Amy and Uncle Matt... which was really fun. We had Yee Sang sent to us from Nana (thank you Nana!) and I had lots of salmon sashimi. And then the angpows... oh I love them red packets. I even got one from the restaurant owner in Chinatown when we had our new years dinner with Auntie Sam, Uncle Arivind and Uncle Rohan. It's all good! I hope this new year will be a great one for the whole family... and my extended family and friends too.

On the development side. Hmmmm. Mummy and Daddy started a sticker chart for me so that I will be rewarded when I have reached my optimum level of goodness. Sorta like Lilo calculating Stich's. So now I have to help out with the chores including making the bed and also do the things I ought to be doing like waking up on time, eating all my vegetables and just be a good little princess. So far I am doing well... although there are some cheeky moments... but hey... I am still a kid so I guess I can be forgiven. Tee hee hee!

What am I learning? The splits at ballet... my numbers and alphabets at nursery and home (athough Daddy would rather me learning words than alphabets but Mummy needs the 7 special ones in order to teach me piano!)... new songs from Mamma Mia (yes I am now a diehard ABBA fan) and also helping Mummy learn and revise her NKOTB songs... my favourite is Hangin' Tough... and the inevitable "cakap Melayu kat rumah". I am trying and I think my pelat has disappeared... so no more teasing me being an anak mat salleh ok? Eheheheheheheh.

It's still cold in London. But I know when it gets warmer... it means that it will Daddy's birthday and mine and my nana will be here! Yipppeeeee!!! So for now... I will enjoy the chilly weather... NOT! Can't wait for March!!!

Saturday, 17 January 2009


the comment left in my previous post and the link is sooooo funny!!!

Early Retirement

three months passed by. so many things to tell but not told. should i retire?

Sunday, 19 October 2008

My First Crush


my first real life crush. zac efron.

i loved him in HSM but i love him more as link in hairspray.

i love him so much that i've memorised all the songs in hairspray. i am so ready to go and see it live at the west end... but i hope the good people there will allow me to go because they won't allow anyone under five. sigh. time to "tell" them my age that i am "suppose" to be i guess. but i know my link won't be there. but it would be fun to see it live and all the singing and dancing.

i love him so much that i take nana's imperial leather foamburst and pretend that it is hair mousse and put it all over my hair like him.

i love him so much that i take the air freshner in the toilet and spray it in my hair like hairspray and end up getting told off by mummy and daddy.

i love him so much that mummy caught me smooching the telly when he was on the screen. i thought no one saw me. and again i was told off.

i love him so much that i wish i was tracy turnblad.

sigh... i can hear the bells...

Saturday, 18 October 2008

My Eid So Far

i'm a big girl now

it's the third week of eid. this year since daddy is ultra busy with studying and going to the library every single day and night... we only managed to do a bit of open house-ing most of it during the first week and a bit.

first day was balik kampung session and kampung being ours!!! it was really nice. our little extended family all gathered at our place for a raya feast and karaoke session. then we had a bit of mini raya-ing at the preruls, the aidahamirs and the shakims before our big bash on the first saturday. it was mad! there were so many people that there wasn't enough space in the flat. and because the weather was so bad... everyone had to squeeze indoors. we did play with fireworks and i am now very comfy with sparklers on my own. yusuff enjoyed his first time with sparklers and even managed to call mummy "a-yee" to ask for more. she was so touched that she cried! then the following saturday we went to the miduds. mummy and the adilis almost didn't make it because of the massive traffic on the m25. but they made it in the end. and it was more sparklers and fireworks! it was fun!!!

my nana is here and as usual... when my nana is around the house is filled with happy happy joy joy moments and good food! mummy is able to work without thinking what to cook for dinner because it is ready when she gets home and daddy can concentrate on his studies not worry about me until mummy gets home and there are less chores. we are so fortunate especially when it is crucial times for daddy as he will be sitting for his final final exam. nana is so understanding and knows that daddy should only worry about his exams and nothing else. she is so considerate. and times with my nana is always fun... although we always fight over the telly but i am big enough now to know to share. i get the mornings, she gets the afternoons, then i get the pre-dinner then after that it is the grownups time. we go to the market and do grocery shopping for dinner during the day and i help her cook at night. it's all good.

nana also took me on the london eye as she promised. then on the same day i watched my first full length west end musical... the lion king. it was wonderful! thank you so much nana!!! then of course everyone had to endure lion king 1, 2 and 3 for a whole week!!! tee hee hee.

i hope daddy does well for his exams. he so deserves it with all the studying he puts in and despite all the hullabaloo that's going on. i love daddy. and on the 5th we celebrate ok? can't wait for all the pizzas and pastas i can have!!!

Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Selamat Hari Raya

from all of us to all of you!